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The bleary pilgrim

Bundled into the Corsa. Beltless, unshaven and woozy. Despite its lack of a working radio I still love this car. The defunct Blaupunkt reads “SAFE” in all-caps instead of channel, or frequency. It couldn’t display track number; in this respect, … Continue reading

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Jesca Hoop ‘Memories Are Now’ Review

Jesca Hoop’s Memories Are Now is truly something to behold. Conceptually bold in both musicality and subject matter, this is a brave and beautiful project from an artist exerting full masterly control over what she creates. Illustrated with a focused, … Continue reading

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The rise of hyphenates and the demise of icons

As the concluding hours tick down on what to many has seemed a fairly dismal lap around the sun politically and in terms of “iconic” deaths I thought it was time to add my evaluation to the numerous top tens, … Continue reading

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Salutations from the Solstice

December. Brown leaves linger – decomposing streaks on recomposing streets whose lights and likenesses change to suit the season. I’m set to return soon, where no such sodden mulch is to be found. Another semester past. Another set of exams … Continue reading

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Hybrid Constellation E.P Review

Wow. I’ve just drawn breath after listening to Hybrid Constellation’s self-titled second E.P for yet another time. Five songs with more force than the entire Jedi council put together. It’s the kind of selection that makes it impossible not to … Continue reading

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Orkney Live Aid Review

It was a howling and a miserable Saturday night, the climb-down from last week’s epic Dr Who 50th anniversary, everything tending towards the mean. A biblical union, awards for the Pier and now this on the eve of St Andrews; … Continue reading

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